Student Clubs

Anime & Manga Club
The Anime & Manga Club's mission is to explore multicultural art and entertainment. Also, to discuss and share. For more information email or call 781-239-2252.

The Business Club was created to promote and enhance interest in business, encourage ethical business behavior, and promote professionalism and leadership while providing an opportunity for students interested in business to learn more about, and understand the role of business, and to interact with business professionals and leaders. For more information email or call 781-239-2466.

Education Club
The Education Club serves as an academic and social resource for students who plan to enter careers in the teaching community. This group participates in professional conferences and workshops for the development of its members. For more information email or call 508-270-4294.

The purpose of the entrepreneurship club is to strengthen soft skills relevant in today’s workplace. Our focus will be on discovering new business opportunities, networking with local businesses, or anything our club finds worth pursuing. For information, email or call 781-239-2704.

Equality Alliance
Equality Alliance formerly known as Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) purpose is to provide support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual individuals in the form of peer, professional, and group meetings. We strive to provide education about LGBT issues to all students and the college community at large, and to advocate for LGBT rights for the fair and equal treatment of all persons on campus. For more information call the club advisor Chuck Spirou or call 781-239-2605.

Fitness Club
The Fitness Club is designed to promote a fun and healthy life style through networking and learning. We aim to motivate one another to strive to achieve our individual fitness goals. We will provide opportunities for group work and individual mentoring as well as exploring nutrition and other fitness trends. For more information contact the advisor Bill Raynor or call 781-239-2665.

Gamer’s Guild
The Gamer's Guild is a social club for students that wish to interact with each other in a casual setting and fulfill the "College Experience". Students are encouraged to get to know one another to help form a stronger sense of community within the school.

The club is representative of all kinds of Gamer's, whether you play Tabletop Games, Board Games, Video Games, Card Games, or just really like Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

The main goal of this club is to help students that would never get to know each other and have common interests to meet, and form connections.

For more information call or email Harold Riggs at 781-239-2223 and

Glee Club
The purpose of this club is to unite students with the common interest of GLEE… whether it be the TV show, singing & dancing, group performance, or community service. This club is just starting off at the college, so it will be up to the members in the Glee Club shape the focus of the club into what they want it to be. The sky’s the limit!!! For more information call or email Brendan Fraser at 781-239-2784 and

Indian Club
This is a social, cultural and educational association open to the entire MassBay community. The purpose of the club is to be inclusive, promote understanding, friendship, and educate students of varying backgrounds. For more information email or call 781-239-2279.

International Club
The International club aims to promote a better understanding of cultures throughout the world and provides a welcoming environment for International students at MassBay where they can experience American culture and share their native culture. Activities include: guest speakers, travel within the United States, travel abroad, social and educational activities, fund raising and cultural events. For more information email or call 781-239-2643.

Legal Studies & Criminal Justice Club
The Legal Studies & Criminal Justice Club is open to all and promotes and encourages professionalism, support, networking, and social activities for those interested in legal professions. The Club also promotes the understanding of the Paralegal’s role and provides the opportunity to interact with legal professionals. For more information contact Susan Maggioni at or call 781-239-2210 or contact Kara Lucciola at or call 781-239-2243.

Literary Club
The Literary Club’s mission is to foster a creative environment at MassBay for writers of any genre. As a club, we will develop and publish a literary magazine. Writers can also participate in and contribute to the workshops and readings the Literary Club will offer throughout the semester. For more information contact Matt Walsh at or 781-239-2623

M.A.S.T.E.R Computer
M.A.S.T.E.R. Computer Club: is a student run club for members with common interest in PENG - Problem solving, Education, Networking, and Gaming - in relevance to computers. As an official Computer Club of MassBay Computer Science department, MASTER focuses on four principles of P.E.N.G.:

Problem-solving: Using technology as tools, create solutions based on logic and algorithms.
Education: Teaching each other - students as well as community members - about computers and technology.
Networking: Helping members find and be part of human resources.
Gaming: Group entertainment and gathering through video and traditional games.

For more information, contact club advisor Tony Sena or call 781-239-2255.

MassBay Gospel Choir
The MassBay Choir's purpose is to motivate students to learn music and sing. We hope to teach the MassBay Community that music can be a tool for education by serving students with music and spiritual motivation through our combined voices. For more information email club advisor Karen Dow at or call 508-270-4046.

MassBay Players
MassBay Players is a theatre group that sponsors the production of plays, musicals, theatre festivals and lecturers. Members in this organization learn about the various acting techniques as well as the complexities of the world of theatre production. For more information email or call 617-333-1998.

MassBay Veterans Club
The purpose of this organization is to unite students for the common goal of looking after the personal, academic, and social well being of all MassBay veterans. For more information email, or call 508-561-5719.

Math Club
The mission of the Math Club is to improve the math standard in the College. This is an academic club with educational activities aimed at anyone interested in math/statistics. For more information email or call 781-239-2252.

The Nursing Club
The purpose of the Nurses' Club is to provide support to each other, organize, and seek out community opportunity, as well as raise money for our pinning ceremony. We are open to helping students who feel overwhelmed or stressed in the nursing program. We want to ensure everyone's success in the program and lower costs of the pinning ceremony. For more information email or call 508-270-4061.

Applied Sociology Club
A club, meeting weekly, to discuss topics through a sociological perspective. The topic can be a current event, idea, or anything really chosen by a club member. To further MassBay students' understanding of how sociology is relevant to their lives. We analyze and understand how society at large and groups within society function and discuss issues that arise, possible solutions, etc. We also observe culture and groups and provide a forum for open discussion of society's problems and workings.

For more information email Deb London or call 781-239-2253.

Surgical Technology Club
The mission of the Surgical Tech Club is to promote healthy lifestyles in the surrounding communities. To engage students about community service. For more information email or call 508-270-4034.