What happens if I don’t make payment arrangements?

Financial management is an essential life skill. Managing the cost of your education is a crucial part of the learning process. If a payment arrangement is not made prior to the tuition due date, you may be dropped from all classes. Reinstatement into dropped classes requires a satisfactory payment arrangement (and is not guaranteed).

What happens if I don’t follow through with my payment arrangement?

The Student Accounts Office enters a hold in the computer system preventing any future registration, receipt of grades, or mailing of transcripts. Upon satisfactory payment arrangements, the Business Office removes the hold.

Do I pay for classes if I stop attending?

The College calendar lists dates for drop/ add and for official withdrawal. If you officially drop all classes during the drop/add period, tuition and fee charges will be dropped. Any book charges incurred are your responsibility. After the drop/add period, you are responsible for full payment of tuition, fees, and other acquired charges even if you do not complete the coursework.

If problems arise, talk with your instructor, advisor, or a counselor before stopping attendance. If withdrawing from class is necessary, it is your responsibility to officially withdraw with the Dean of Students. (Refer to the College Catalog and Student Handbook for further information.)

How do I get my books?

MassBay provides financial aid recipients the opportunity to participate in a book voucher program. This program is available if you:

  • Completed your financial aid application,
  • Received a MassBay financial aid award,
  • Have sufficient aid after tuition and fee charges are subtracted.
  • Submitted a Title IV permission form to the Student Accounts Office.

Note: Students whose aid package includes a student loan must have completed Loan Entrance Counseling and have a signed Master Promissory Note in order to be eligible for a book voucher.